Sex after babies

It's common for couples to have a break from sex after having a baby. 


How pornography can impact you

Pornography…..society has accepted it as a normal part of sexuality and it has become young people's prominent form of sex education. So what does that mean for individuals, couples, relationships and our understanding of healthy sexuality?


What can steal your couple intimacy?

Intimacy is not merely created by the sexual chemistry or the sexual energy between you two. Intimacy in your relationship is intentionally cultivated. Its built when two people are present, "invested in" to the moment, and each other.

But one thing that can rob your intimacy as a couple is pornography.


Sex After Kids

Having kids is rewarding, it gives our lives deep meaning and purpose. But kids do change our relationship to everything in our life, including our sex life! So how can you keep sexual intimacy a priority in your relationship?


Authentic and Healthy Relationships

As a young adult, there is so much to discover and learn about yourself! Who you are, what you value and believe in….And lets not forget relationships! What is important to you about sex, dating and relationships!


Parents, start the conversation about sex young

Where do babies come from? How does a baby get inside your tummy? How does a baby come out?


Getting help from viewing pornography

Pornography is the most prominent sexuality educator for many young people, with most young people discovering porn well before they encounter sex.


Newly married: Wedding night, honeymoon & beyond

As a counsellor that is a Christian, I see Christian couples for sex therapy and relationship counselling. Many Christian couples begin

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