Renee is a sexual health educator and a registered counsellor specializing in relationships and sexual health.

Renee is passionate about educating and equipping people on healthy sex and sexuality. Living in a highly sexualized society, it is important to consider what our expectations and beliefs about sexuality are and how we developed them. We may have developed unrealistic expectations or unhealthy beliefs about sex and sexuality due to various reasons, circumstances or experiences. Educating people on healthy sexuality and encouraging them to explore their personal values and beliefs, enables individuals to better understand their sexuality and how they can have satisfying and healthy relationships.

Renee believes our sexuality is holistic and she passionate about helping people understand the whole story of sex. That sex is more than just a physical act but it’s also connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual being. That sex can be more than just performance and instant satisfaction, it can be about building intimacy, trust, respect and honor in relationships. That our sexuality can be a part of who we are that we value, embrace, care for and live out in confidence and in freedom. 

Renee works with people from all different backgrounds, religions, ages and demographics. She has a Christian faith and can work from a Christian based values approach for individuals or couples seeking this counselling framework. She believes each person has intrinsic value and desires to draw out people's strengths and potential within them.

Professional Background
Renee has 14 years experience working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ages in ministry, leadership, team development and pastoral counselling settings. Along with 6 years experience developing & coordinating community-based personal development programs & initiatives, Renee has lead group programs, delivered sexual health workshops and provided professional counselling to people around sexual health, relationships and personal development.

Bachelor of Economics, University of Sydney
Post Graduate Diploma in Social Health, Macquarie University
Master of Health Science (Sexual Health), University of Sydney

Professional Memberships/Affiliations
Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Member
Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers & Therapists (ASSERT) NSW Member
Society of Australian Sexologists Member

Ongoing Professional Development
Continued professional development is important to Renee. She participates in clinical supervision and regular professional development courses to broaden her knowledge and skill base.


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