Education Sessions


Renee offers 2 x 60-minute Sex Education Sessions for Engaged or Newly Married Couples

Do you want a healthy sexual intimacy in your marriage?

Do you want a great wedding night & honeymoon experience?
Do you want to know how you and your partner’s brain and body works sexually?

Set your marriage up for a win by receiving personal couple sex education by a professional sexologist.
These 2 sessions will be full of education, information and the opportunity to ask questions relating to healthy sexual intimacy in your marriage. You will also have topics to go home and discuss together as a couple before your next education session.

These are interactive psycho-educational sessions. They are not counselling or therapy sessions.

In these 2 x sex education sessions, as a couple you will:

These sessions are available face-to-face in a private consultation room in Sydney or through online video consultation for couples around Australia.
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