Counselling Service

As part of providing a counselling service to you, your counsellor will need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your current situation. This information will be a necessary part of the counselling assessment and treatment that is conducted.

Access to Information

You may access the material recorded in your file upon request, subject to the exceptions in National Privacy Principal 6. Requests for access to information will be responded to within 21 days and a fee is payable for this service.


All personal information gathered by your counsellor during the provision of the counselling service will remain confidential except where:

  • It is subject to subpoena by a court, or
  • Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at risk, or
  • Your prior approval has been obtained to:
    • Provide a written report to another professional or agency (e.g. a GP or a lawyer),
    • Discuss the material with a non-professional person (e.g. a family member or employer).
  • If disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law.

Your counsellor may want to discuss aspects of the sessions with a senior colleague for supervision purposes. In this situation, your anonymity would be preserved.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

Appointments are typically 50 minutes long. The cost of the appointment is payable at either the end of the session or before (or as agreed) by either cask, electronic transfer or credit.
In order to protect the booking that you make with Renee and the time she takes to consult with you, she reserves the right to charge you the full fee should you fail to attend or cancel within 24hrs of your appointment.

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